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5 outdoor activities to do in Iran

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Iran is a country of breathtaking landscapes, infinite skies, bare deserts, wild mountains, and astonishing wildlife. Since Iran is a country of four seasons; the beauty and attractiveness of each season can be entirely felt, from rainy and green areas covered with forests and waterfalls in the north to the warm and sunny coast in the south, therefore doing outdoor activities in Iran is a must when traveling to this beautiful country.

Moreover, the wild and mountainous nature in the west is wholly different from the mysterious desert in the central and eastern regions of the country. Each of these different climates and natural characteristics can offer distinguished types of activities and entertainment tailor-made to the traveler's desires and preferences.

Best Things to Do in Iran


Canyoning is a daring, adventurous sport that combines different activities, including hiking, swimming, jumping, and sliding through narrow canyons. Usually, the canyoning starts with hiking and climbing mountains and continues with descending through the narrow canyons. The adventure ends up in water or cenotes; therefore, the adventurers must also have swimming skills.

Canyoning requires athletic skills and should be done in groups. The standard number of members in each group should not exceed eight, with almost the same fitness level. Various health situations should be taken into consideration before participating in canyoning activities, such as vertigo, old bone injury, back injury or previous surgeries, heart problems, or ankle problems.

There are famous canyoning sites in Iran where people who are interested in the activity can participate with the help of professionals in this field; some of the well-known canyoning sites in Iran are listed below: 

Raghaz: The area is one of the most distinctive mountainous regions in southwest of Iran in Fars Province. Twelve waterfalls and ponds in the south valley attract visitors, mountaineers, and canyoners. To reach this canyoning site, visitors should pass Darab city.

Chahkooh: This stunning canyon in the heart of Qeshm Island, one of the southern islands of Iran, attracts everyone with different interests and characteristics. Chahkooh canyon is among the UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Hayghar Valley: The Fars province has beautiful mountainous areas with pure nature. Hayghar Valley, also known as The Grand Canyon of Iran, is a part of the Zagros mountains, which can be reached through the Firuzabad region. A beautiful river of around 13km passes through the valley which adds to its attractiveness.

The list of must-visit canyons of Iran is not limited to these three canyons mentioned earlier, Shiraz Canyon, Rāgeh Canyon, Savashi Canyon, Kāl-e Jeni Canyon, Boraq Canyon, Buchir Canyon, and Chāk Rud Canyon, are only a limited number of significant canyons of Iran.


Flyboarding is a popular watersport with distinctive fans and has been developing in recent years in different coastal cities and islands of Iran. Also, few locations in Tehran provide the facilities for this

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